Calling on Radeon Software Beta Testers!

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I’m Liam — a hardcore gamer and hardware enthusiast by heart. Since starting at AMD, I’ve had the privilege of gaming at work (and yes, my boss knows). Imagine an environment where the future of PC gaming is available to you 24/7. Unreleased games, unreleased hardware and unreleased software. Today I would like to share some of this marvel with you. I am very happy to announce the Radeon Software exclusive beta program – a community that will truly have the potential to shape the future performance of this global platform.


Radeon Software is the heart and soul of our user experience. One of its key functions is to seamlessly harness the innovative features and powerful performance of Radeon graphics. This closely knit interaction requires immaculate precision to drive todays PC games and VR experiences. Continually improving this effort is AMD’s highest priority for Radeon Software.



Technology performs at its best when its presence is undetectable and unnoticeable. AMD’s unbridled commitment to improving stability is vital in achieving this experience. With tens of thousands hours of testing across hundreds of different system configurations and the implementation of a huge number of community-driven requests, Radeon Software Crimson Edition delivers exceptional stability across a range of experiences. But, we want to go above and beyond what we can do alone.


By providing our community with early access to our drivers before they are publically released, we will work together to identify real-world user application issues that will allow us to further advance Radeon Software and improve its stability. This global community will be formed to include a variety of supported hardware, operating systems, games played and applications. An array of diverse configurations will provide us with real life usage scenarios. Peter Grass, who now officially leads this new beta testing program, has tirelessly volunteered to beta test our software over the last 15 years. We couldn’t be happier than to have an experienced lead on this community effort.


We look forward to having you as a part of this exclusive community!


Click here to apply to help shape the future of Radeon Software.

2 thoughts on “Calling on Radeon Software Beta Testers!

  1. Take all the features and tweaks of RadeonPro and bake them in the Radeon Software.

    In fact hire the developer of RadeonPro full time. That would be the first step in the right direction to improve the Radeon Software.

    I’m serious.

    I rely on RadeonPro features like Dynamic V-Sync and such.

    Everything RadeonPro has like the scripts feature, built in SweetFX support. This should be baked in. Really handy stuff.

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