Hollywood and High Tech Love VR On the Lot

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More than 1,100 Hollywood and high tech luminaries and influencers gathered at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, CA, October 13-14 to explore the vast new story-telling and experiential possibilities that virtual reality offers – and AMD is proud to be at the forefront of it all.

Special effects artist, designer, filmmaker and two-time Academy Award winner Robert Stromberg opened the event with a keynote that clearly showed his passion for the possibilities that VR is bringing. “The first time I saw VR, it not only changed my life, it changed my world,” he said. Stromberg, known for his work on such films as Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and Maleficent, to name a few, is also co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Virtual Reality Company.


Following Stromberg, attendees were treated to a steady stream of entertaining and informative sessions. AMD’s very own Roy Taylor, Corporate VP of Content and Alliances, was introduced by multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator Will.I.Am. Taylor’s talk focused on the creative process and highlighted alliance companies and partners, and the exciting ways they are tapping into VR to bring amazing experiences to people all over. Some of Taylor’s guests included Professor Charles Wang with the Beijing Film Academy; Ton Roosendaal, CEO, Blender; Maureen Fan, CEO, Baobab Animation; Mia Tramz, Managing Editor of LIFE VR and Senior Multimedia Editor at TIME; Howie Makler, CEO, Howie’s Game Shack; Louis Cacciuttolo, CEO & Founder, VRrOOm; Jim Stewartson, CEO, Awesome Rocketship; and Hannah Zhang, Partner, L’Chaim Group, to name a few. The event also included 13,000 square feet of space in Paramount’s Sound Stage 4 dedicated to special interactive experiences.

AMD is fueling VR content creation and making VR more accessible to the public through its technologies and partnerships. New collaborations with Awesome Rocketship, Howie’s Game Shack® and VRrOOm will help drive premium location-based VR experiences.

AMD is working with Awesome Rocketship, a provider of complete out-of-home solutions for monetizing VR content across a variety of locations including theater lobbies, trade shows, shopping malls, and museums.

Howie’s Game Shack®, operator of one of the largest game centers in North America, has announced they will open three VR-oriented i-cafés in Southern California, the first of their kind in North America. These cafés will feature several dozen VR PCs paired with HTC Vive headsets, powered exclusively by Radeon™ graphics.


AMD and VRrOOm also announced a collaboration to help advance cinematic storytelling through VR in cinemas across China. VRrOOm plans to use AMD hardware in VRrOOm Sanctum theatres in cinemas located in six Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai, and two French cities including Paris starting this fall through VRrOOm’s exclusive partnership with China Film Group’s affiliated company CFEC and French cinema chains CineMovida and CGR. The obective is to reach a total footprint of more than 100 sites across three continents by the end of 2017, including North America.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on the VR front and about exciting collaborations that will help drive premium VR story-telling and experiences across the globe.


Event photos courtesy of Werkit Photo.


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