ATTN Red Team: New “Featured Radeon™ Rig” Mission Log

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Red Team member,

You have been called to aid the resistance movement that has been underway at Radeon™ for the past five months.

At the heart of the PC gamer is a builder, an experimenter, a creator—the cores of our rebellion and what we believe every gamer could be if given equal access to great graphics. You, our activist, have carried the Radeon Rebellion, the momentous movement that began with Polaris, to call for what we want most in gaming: exceptional graphics for all.

But we want to hear your rallying cry once more: we want your #BetterRed stations on the front lines. We want your #BetterRed rigs to empower others to join our case. We want you to help spread the #BetterRed word. This is the Radeon Rig challenge.


Your mission: to push the Radeon Rebellion forward with your Radeon-powered station on PCPartPicker. We want you to share your rig on PCPartPicker*—show us your means of bringing pixels to life with your build design. Your Radeon Rig will help bring others into our efforts to make graphics accessible to all.

Once your rig is up on PCPartPicker, send us the link via the form below. We will randomly select a “Featured Radeon Rig” from the submissions to be featured on, where you will be given the spotlight to speak about the motivations behind your build.*

Every enthusiast who participates in this challenge will receive a limited edition Radeon sticker, as a token of appreciation for your efforts in our movement. We encourage you to tweet your support for #BetterRed with a photo once you receive the sticker. The stickers will have a new design every quarter, giving you a chance to participate again and collect our limited edition designs.

This is your chance to join our Radeon Rebellion, the #BetterRed movement. Do you accept this mission?


  • Post your PC build on PCPartPicker (if you do not already have an account, you must sign up for a free one to post on the website).
  • Submit your PCPartPicker link on our form below, so that you can receive our token of appreciation and are eligible to be chosen as our Featured Radeon Rig.
  • The form must be complete with your name, address and phone number. An incomplete form means we will not be able to contact you and send you a limited edition Radeon sticker.


  • You must submit your rig’s PCPartPicker link on’s form (see below).
  • Your rig must be posted on PCPartPicker between October 19, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  • You can submit your rig as a Build Guide or Completed Build, but the rig must feature a Radeon™ graphics card.
  • If you are submitting a Completed Build, you must include at least one photo with a Radeon™ graphics card.
  • Only one submission per person between October 19, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  • The Featured Radeon Rig will be randomly selected and featured on if the individual wishes to participate.
  • Sticker offer is good while supplies last.

WAIT! BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: Is your address above accurate? Postage services require a complete address for shipments. Please check to ensure you filled in your complete and most up-to-date address, including the street name with the apartment/PO box number if applicable.
The Radeon Rig Challenge for October-December is now over and will be renewed later this month. Thank you for participating.


Follow us on Twitter on @AMDRadeon for updates on the Radeon Rig challenge and other Radeon-related news.

We will use your personal data in connection with the Featured Radeon Rig challenge and to send you newsletters or information on offers and promotions in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This data may be shared with AMD group companies and service providers that perform services on our behalf. Your data may be transferred to and stored in the United States, which may have different levels of privacy protection than apply in your country. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

  1. PCPartPicker is an open platform for PC-building enthusiasts and is not associated with this giveaway.
  2. Optional participation. The Featured Radeon Rig will be featured based on the randomly selected individual's response and agreement to participate.

45 thoughts on “ATTN Red Team: New “Featured Radeon™ Rig” Mission Log

  1. 1st ever build for me a couple months back. Used an MSI RX 480 planned 2 but come buying time the funds were and still are lacking.

  2. If only AMD would bring back “The Fixer” with the upcoming Vega GPUs. ^_^

    I do a LOT of Deep Learning on my PC, using Sanford University’s Folding at Home to help find cures for Diseases and Cancers.. it take a LOT of horsepower to do it. I also do some volunteer Game Client coding and Graphic Design. My single Sapphire R9 390 and FX 8370 are workhorses. I currently run the 8370 at 5 GHz on all 8 cores with water cooling, and the R9 390 is running 1150 and 6500MHz effective clock speed until I can tweak the BIOS with tighter timings and refine the voltage to get 8,000MHz on the Memory and 1,400MHz on the Core. I am looking forward to Zen and Vega. I will be able to better help Science while also helping people having better gaming experiences in Second Life with AMD hardware and support.

  3. I entered a while ago, didn’t hear anything so i contacted radeon support. All they told me to do was enter again but i can’t because it says that my email and phone have already been used in an entry

    1. Hi Joe,

      I checked the status and it should be on your way. Please let me know if it still hasn’t made it to you in a few days.


  4. Though I do not have AMD’s latest and greatest hardwares, I still want to submit my system with AMD Phenom™ II X4 B55 Processor and Radeon HD 7750 Graphics card, to proof that I am also a proud Red Team member.

    1. Hey there, thanks for submitting your link! We send them from Markham so if you don’t get them after the holidays, let us know and we’ll check the status.

  5. Oh no …. need those Stickers for my new/actual/rebuild …
    but … im too late …
    got this config ( in a Cooltek-Jonsbo UMX4
    with Cablemod Custom-sleeved Cables and Teufel Concept B20 Speakers ….

    another time … maybe … when i got my Ryzen-Vega (Dual Vega CF?) Beast …

    1. Thanks for submitting! We received a large volume of submissions over the holidays and we are working on sending them to everyone as soon as possible.

    1. Hey James, we try to ship them out a few days after but it may take a bit of time getting to you. Rest assured though, they all show up safely. -Annie

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