Resident Evil 7: Recommended Settings

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I’ll be honest here.  I don’t typically like the horror genre because I scare easily.  The better graphics techniques get, and the more powerful our graphics cards get, the easier it is for companies like Capcom to bring the horror genre closer to feeling like reality on our PCs.  Resident Evil 7 leverages some of the better lighting and shadow techniques I’ve seen in PC games to really amp up the level of fear one would get walking around a decrepit old house in the middle of a stormy night.

To play this game at decent settings, the requirements are:

  • OS: Windows 7 64bit / 8.1 64bit / 10 64bit
  • Processor: AMD FX6300 or 4th gen Intel Core i5 or greater
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Video card: AMD Radeon R7 260X or Nvidia GTX 760 or greater

There are a lot of options in the graphics menu, and you are going to want use as high settings as you can to get the maximum experience that Resident Evil 7 delivers.  Normally I’d lower SSAO and other shadow options in my gaming, but for this one you’d be best to leave those settings alone and play with different AA, Mesh, or effect options.


For my testing I played through the opening sequence where the character first gets inside the house up until Mia (your girlfriend) and you go your separate ways :(.  This game runs incredible on Radeon RX graphics cards, and even on a RX 460 I didn’t really need to alter the settings much to enjoy fluid frame-rates.


If you’d like to see how well Radeon RX cards stack up against other options out there, check out some competitive performance on our other Resident Evil 7 blog on

For those of you lucky / brave enough to get the chance to play Resident Evil 7, be sure to grab the latest Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition driver HERE.  You’ll get the best experience by using the latest drivers.

I recently learned there is a VR version of Resident Evil out there. For clarification, I will not be testing that one.  Ever.


8 thoughts on “Resident Evil 7: Recommended Settings

    1. thats a very old graphics card, and i’m not sure, but i think amd does not support the 6000 series anymore, just 7000 and newer ones.

    2. Hi Evi, we’re sorry you feel that way, but the 6990 is a 6-year old graphics card. Resident Evil 7 will also not run on comparable Nvidia GPUs from that timeframe. Thanks for voicing your concern and have a great weekend.

    3. ohh come on man, go upgrade your gpu, it’s old, and run HOTTER and have a hue power consumption, and naturally what u think, because this game don’t eun on your old absolete 6-7 years old gpu, u needed tell, i never buy AMD products??
      Please man GO CHANGE YOUR GPU, for example i have R9 380X OC 1125/6400, and this game run very smooth like a butter, max settings but i put off shadow cache, and differences from ON and OFF it’s like ZERO DIFFERENCES on screen, please change gpu, what u think with nvidia like better? ABSLOTLY NOT, go see RESIDENT EVIL 7 BENCHMARK, and u can see how RX 470 AKA R9 380X with HUGE OC, run very amazing, for only 170€ gpu,

  1. wow, that upset over a old GPU? why not get pissed at Intel cause you can run RE7 on a Pentium 2 CPU. while we are at it. while also cursing Nvidia for not supporting RE7 on a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 .

  2. I run this game on high settings with this build: i3-6100 8GB RAM Sapphire RX 460.On game settings make sure to put Frame rate:Variable or else your game will run on 60FPS all the time.I’ve never expected to see 80-90 FPS with a cheap card.THANK YOU for build a graphic card with such a great value.

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