The Massive Uprising Giveaway from AMD Gaming and GTRIBE

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Looking to get a new rig or update your old one? You’ve stepped into this post at the right time.

AMD Gaming has partnered with GTRIBE, the world’s first dedicated social media platform for PC gamers, for the Massive Uprising Giveaway.

Yes, a Massive Uprising Giveaway. How’s that for a giveaway name? That’s because the giveaway is boasting four massive grand prizes: the ultimate gaming PC courtesy of our friends at CyberPowerPC, built with outstanding parts from AMD, XFX, GIGABYTE, Seasonic, HyperX, Swiftech and Seagate.

Did your heart skip a beat?

The CyberPowerPCs are equipped with the Radeon™ RX 480 Black Edition 8GB OC graphics card by XFX and the AMD FX-8370 4.0 GHz Black Edition 8 core processor, “super-powered” by Swiftech liquid-cooling. Liquid-cooling! Add to that Logitech™ G Prodigy gear and a free download code for Battlefield™ 1 from Kinguin, and you’re set to take on some pretty high frame rates.

Battlefield 1, a World War I first-person shooter from DICE and EA, is garnering all kinds of raving reviews (see here, here and here)—and guess what? The game runs like a king on the RX 480 with DX12, so you’re ready to game on the #BetterRed way. May the Radeon Rebellion live on!

Take a look at the full system specs here.


AMD Gaming also has ten Battlefield 1 download codes to give away to ten First Prize winners.

Alright, you’re ready to enter. How? Not to fret—there are no complicated puzzles, obstacle courses or any kind of saving-the-world quests involved. Just hop over to and sign up for an account to join an amazing community of PC gamers, and simply enter the giveaway by clicking on the prompt on the page.

Good luck.

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7 thoughts on “The Massive Uprising Giveaway from AMD Gaming and GTRIBE

  1. I need a new PC System, my it is now 8 years old. I would starting with twitch and Youtube and Product presentations and unboxing. Im using AMD Products since K6-II CPU and since then ive got only ATI/AMD GPU solutions. AMD, pls help me with your giveaway to start up with a new AMD System.

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