Virtual Reality: Better Than Reality, According to Jerry Zucker

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Virtual reality’s relevance is reaching far beyond gaming, and people are taking notice—including Jerry Zucker.

From exploring the brain to helping veterans, VR is primed to be a viable medium for industries around the world to innovate and offer new ways to interact with our surroundings. In renowned film director Jerry Zucker’s case, VR is a chance to explore new worlds—something he always wants more of, even after crafting memorable worlds in films like Airplane! and Ghost.

“I’m always looking for new worlds to explore, because quite frankly at sixty-six, this one is starting to bore me,” says Jerry about his VR experience. “I was going to sign up for the Mars One (one-way trip to Mars) but was not happy with their plan for human waste removal.”

So what’s an imaginative guy like Jerry Zucker to do to quench his thirst for exploring new worlds?

Jerry had seen virtual reality before—but not as immersive as the one fueled by the Radeon R9 390X graphics card on his HTC Vive. He recalls the experience as “sharp” and “vibrant”, a remarkable reality made possible by the Radeon card’s 4K performance and pioneering High-Bandwidth Memory. Or even more simply put, “This thing is amazing!”

The experience captured more than just a true-to-life imagination, but a stunning world that was a “whole different experience” from what he saw in VR before.

Being in this kind of world was more than about play, but simply existing and undertaking menial tasks one might not think as exciting—though play had a lot to do with an experience that left Jerry astonished, a sentiment shared by many who venture VR.

“The ability to move through a hyperreal space, pulling levers, moving objects, and of course killing people with swords and lasers, is simply too fun to resist.”

The Radeon-compatible Vive has offered Jerry an inventive alternative that will not see him leave for Mars any time soon. And with such impressionable experiences from VR, Jerry has one takeaway: “I no longer feel the need to do anything else.”

One thought on “Virtual Reality: Better Than Reality, According to Jerry Zucker

  1. Will this be on the demo disc for Sony VR , and is the demo disc only for preorder on launch day , I’m really looking forward to VR worlds , any advice for someone who’s never even tried VR

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