AMD Brings Hollywood to VR On the Lot

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Virtual Reality is coming to Hollywood — and AMD is at the forefront of it all.

What do you get when you gather some of the world’s most creative minds in one place? Behold: VR On the Lot, a two-day summit presented by the VR Society and AMD, held October 13-14 at Paramount Pictures Studios in the heart of Hollywood.

During this exciting two-day event, professionals and leaders across technology and entertainment industries will be discussing everything Virtual Reality – from directing and content production, to the enormous business opportunities of this promising new medium.

The summit is geared toward creative minds and industry titans who are eager to dive headfirst into VR. AMD is proud to be the presenting sponsor for this event that will draw talented professionals from across the globe, including some names you might recognize: Robert Stromberg (two-time Oscar winner and Creative Advisor to the VR Society), Bryan Singer (director of the “X-Men” movies) and Michael Dougherty (writer of “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”), to name a few.

And while VR may be gaining momentum in the gaming space, its potential stretches far beyond this. Creative professionals and content developers are exploring ways to use VR to tell stories in new, immersive ways, and deliver experiences never before possible, in industries as varied as entertainment, education, travel, healthcare, real estate, ecommerce and beyond. All of these areas make VR a technology to explore, embrace and expand.

During the two-day summit, VR On the Lot will focus on two themes: “VRE: Create, Distribute, Monetize,” which will include insights and information for professionals focused on VR strategy, content, distribution and monetization, and “VR Producer,” focusing on VR production techniques and technologies. More than 100 keynote speakers are scheduled to speak at the event, including Roy Taylor, AMD’s Corporate VP of Content and Alliances, and nearly 1,000 Hollywood and VR industry members are expected to participate.


Roy Taylor, AMD Corporate Vice President Alliances, Content & VR, and Jim Chabin, President & CEO Advanced Imaging Society, have a conversation about creativity and the VR On the Lot event.

The VR On the Lot website includes the full two-day schedule as well as ticket information (Track II tickets are still available).

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