Win A Radeon RX 460-Powered Gaming PC From PC Perspective!

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Last week PC Perspective’s Ryan Shrout started a journey to discover what a budget gaming PC is capable of, using a $98 Radeon RX 460 as the focal point. A total of $549 and a few days of gaming later, Ryan has not only posted positive impressions, but he’s also posting a giveaway of the very system he built!

“My time with this little experiment has been eye opening.  From an everyday consumer perspective, a budget of $600 is spot on, and a build with a card I previously had no experience with has left me impressed.” ~Ryan Shrout, PC Perspective

It’s worth reiterating that his choice of components includes a 240GB Sandisk SSD, which I think is crucial for overall operating system speed and dramatically improved loading times for your favorite apps and games.

When you consider that addition of a roomy SSD in a cool, quiet system that can handle everything from Rocket League to DOOM at 1080p/60, it’s an awesome value for that $549.

If you haven’t given the RX 460 a fair shake, we honestly hope this changes your mind. It’s a capable little card, and XFX even has a sleek new single-slot RX 460 we’ll be checking out in the near future.

In the meantime, we wish our community good luck in PC Perspective’s giveaway. And as always, happy building and happy gaming!

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48 thoughts on “Win A Radeon RX 460-Powered Gaming PC From PC Perspective!

  1. wow that look amazing i build my first pc last year an had no clue and spend so much money on SSD hero motherboard and cooling system i dnt think it all works well should of done more research i do wish i had a friend into computers

    sooooo if you want you can send me one haha

    good work mate

  2. Great pc build my little nephew is wanting a gaming pc so he can play with the family on pc this would be awesome….. keep up the good work

  3. This is a great computer for someone who has a very outdated pc and can’t play all the current aaa titles at a playable frame rate (like me)

  4. it snot a bad one for for most of the newer games u need 15 6600 or higher cpu min just to fun like bf1 and cod got fro low budget games it works fine

  5. It would be very interesting to see this computer up close given the computer I’m using has a Galaxy 460 in it and seems to do ok .

  6. Aye, I’ve been playing csgo a lot this year but I think my specs are holding me back a lot, I play on a crap-top and wouldn’t mind this beautiful machine (also my birthday was like a few days ago, hook me up fam)

  7. Ive never actually played proper PC games. My desktop can just about run minecraft in 20fps. I would really love to win as I can join my friends in the PC master race

  8. Would love a gaming pc. Try to game as much as possible but having a pc with the capability to edit videos and run new games would be fantastic

  9. Hi Radeon family
    i love playing and streaming games for the enjoyment of myself and for others, but my laptop has died and I really want to get back into World of Warcraft and SWToR.

    I would love to win this great PC set up so I could keep on streaming games to the hungry masses.

  10. I have a PS4 at the moment and a lot of my friends are trying to convince me to switch to PC for Rocket League, BF1 etc. I would love to switch but can’t afford it. I would love to win this PC so I can have countless hours of fun with my PC friends.

  11. Ive heard a lot of great things about pc and would love to get one. I cant afford to build a gaming pc so it would be nice to win one

  12. I don’t need it but playing GTA V on normal graphics at 21 fps ain’t ideal???????????? Anyway would love to win. Thanks

  13. I know it would be a step up from my Radeon R9 280 card I currently have in my computer. That was the thought I had in my head as I stepped off the elevator In a game I was surely dreaming about. Reality must have left me on the fourth floor because winning a prize computer wouldn’t take place in my commonplace world. So, I take a big kick at an ugly old machine that was standing in the corner only to awaken with my computer crashed out on the floor. Yeah! Guess I really could use that computer now.

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