Yooka-Laylee: the Long Awaited Spiritual Successor

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The moment you launch Yooka-Laylee, you’re taken back to a familiar time of platformers. You’ve been here before – and that’s a good thing. Whether it’s Playtonic Games’ logo or the intro filled with the strumming ukulele, the game hits home. Those who have been waiting for a spiritual successor of Banjo Kazooie won’t be disappointed.

You start off the game with a new buddy-duo: Yooka and Laylee. While Yooka is calm and reasonable (as reasonable as a lizard can be), Laylee is the purple bat filled with sass and sharp-witted remarks – a perfect match.

Your adventure starts when Capital B begins stealing all the books across the world. Laylee’s special book is stolen and its golden Pagies are scattered across the world – it’s your job to get these Pagies back.

Yooka-Laylee’s world is vast and alive, both in personality and design. Filled to the brim with nooks and crannies, you’ll always want to discover what’s hiding around the corner.

On your journey, you’ll meet an abundance of memorable characters, the experience full of dry humor and sarcasm that comes to define the game’s tone. For every Pagie you collect you’ll be able to expand this quirky world even further.

You can explore Yooka-Laylee’s world in many different ways. Roadblocks and tough enemies can be overcome by purchasing special abilities from a character called Trowzers, a snake that wears pants – yes, you heard that right. There are unique boss battles, arcade games and even minecart challenges reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country.

Even if you’ve never played Banjo Kazooie, one thing’s for sure: Yooka-Laylee brings back what we all loved about platformers. It’s fun, intriguing and pokes some laughs out of you throughout.

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